Should You Renew Your Lease or Move To a New Space?

Author: Joseph Rossi
Date: July 14, 2020

At some point, you have to consider renewing your office lease or leasing a new office space. Deciding which option is the best for your business can be a bit challenging, especially if you like the current space, but you are concerned about missing out on new opportunities in the market. 

Time is of the utmost importance regardless of your choice. Allow yourself enough time in order to ensure you are not giving up leverage.  The only thing that may be more important than timing is having an experienced team on your side.

Here are a few advantages of renewing your lease or moving to a new space:

Pros of a Moving to a New Space

  • Economics!
  • Exact square footage you need
  • Betting on your location
  • New build out options
  • Negotiate more options without pre-existing contract


Pros of Renewing Your Lease

  • Economics!
  • Customers know your location
  • Minimizes interruption to business
  • Influence to negotiate with landlord
  • No additional moving expenses

Whether the best choice is to stay or go, Joseph Rossi and Associates have helped hundreds of clients with office lease renewals and relocation so we understand how important it can be to get out ahead of an upcoming lease expiration. We also know working with the right representation can make a world of difference in an already stressful time, so let us help to make the process seamless and reach out today!

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