Startups, Expansions, & Transitions – February 2020

Ogden Dental 

Congratulations to Dr. Michael Lakota on his practice transition of Ogden Dental! Dr. Lakota spent years trying to sell his Naperville, IL location with no luck. After consulting with Joseph Rossi & Associates, we were able to sell Dr. Lakota’s practice to Dr. Reem & Sohail Shafi in just a couple of months. JRA was also successful in profitably negotiating a new lease term for the buyers creating tremendous value through real estate. The Shafi’s, owners of Two Rivers Dental, continue to expand throughout the Chicagoland area.


Think “20” When Purchasing a Practice

penny wise pound foolish

If you are considering purchasing a dental practice, there are numerous factors that need to be considered. First and foremost is the practice you are interested in located in an area where you and your family want to live? If the practice is not located in the immediate area where you plan to reside, what is the cost in hours /days per year in time just dedicated to driving? For example, if your round trip will be two hours per day and you plan to practice 5 days a week, that equates to 10 hours per week of “windshield time”. So, if you plan to practice 48 weeks per year, that equals 480 hours or 60 days of driving time annually. Commuting time is a variable that you should consider… Read More


Mastering the Art of a Successful Practice 

A CE event you don’t want to miss! We’re thrilled to sponsor this upcoming event with Apex on Friday, March 20th!

Mastering the Art of a successful Practice Gary Takacs

CEO & Founder at the Thriving Practice Academy, Gary Takacs’ passion is helping Dentists develop their ideal practice. His unique, in-depth knowledge of the elements of a successful practice has helped thousands of Dentists thrive in today’s changing business environment. As one of the most requested speakers in dentistry, course attendees often comment that they learned more than they ever imagined and that Gary’s course was the most fun they have ever had at a dental meeting! Attendees return home highly motivated to apply their newly acquired knowledge.

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